Credits & acknowledgements

Produced by IRSN with the support of NRPA

Project leaders

François Rollinger et Valérie Marchal (IRSN)
Jacques Lochard (CEPN)
Ryoko Ando (Ethos à Fukushima)

Project coordination

Laurence Sbruzzi (Studios Menthe et Chocolat)

Text and translation supervision

Jean-Christophe Hédouin (HIME)

Artistic Coordination and Research

Didier Parquet

Executive production and electronic publishing

Connected Stories by CAPA

Coordination and editorial board

Charles-Henry Frizon (Connected Stories by Capa)


Céline Lagache  (CAPA Entreprises)

Artistic direction and graphic design

Elise Desmars-Castillo (Object in mirror)


Léo Menant (Object in mirror)


Guillaume Bression (Tokyoprod)


Julien Teruel


Cécile Boscher (CAPA Entreprises)

Post-production assistants

Frédéric Chameau / Bryce Monnier (CAPA Entreprises)

Photo credits

Guillaume Bression
Jacques Lochard
Yu Miyai
Jun Takai
Kazuko Yashima


Reconstruction Agency of Japan
Embassy of France in Japan (Nuclear Section)
Study Center on Protection Assessment in the Nuclear Area (CEPN)
International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)
Ethos in Fukushima
Fukushima Minyu

The producer would like to thank the following persons for their valuable support

Ryoko Ando
Tazuko Arai
Masako Bando
Iossif Bogdevitch
Christopher H. Clement
Shinya Endo
Jean-Christophe Gariel
Aya Goto
Takahiro Hanzawa
Ryugo Hayano

Tetsuya Ishikawa
Masatsugu Isse
Sanae Ito
Kuni Kanno
Motoichi Kanno
Muneo Kanno
Shoka Kanno
Satsuki Katsumi
Yujiro Kuroda
Edward Lazo

Astrid Liland
Jacques Lochard
Makoto Miyazaki
Maiko Momma
Miori Momma
Shoji Nishida
Ohtsura Niwa
Shunkichi Nonaka
Aoi Ogawa
Haruka Onodera

Makoto Oomori
Mayumi Ootsuki
François Rollinger
Lavrans Skuterud
Junichiro Tada
Jun Takai
Hisao Tsuboi
Masaharu Tsubokura